•Fuye Aquaculture is a supplier of artemia and Gammarus and brine shrimp and hatchery Larval shrimp feed and fish food to aquaculture and aquarium worldwide.

    •We supply also decapsulated artemia cysts and  frozen adult artemia and baby brine shrimp feeds and spirulina etc..

     The company located in the north of shandong province of china, is close to Bohai sea. It leads such a significant transportation that it links many important cities as Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Dalian, etc. The company is engaged in the breeding, processing and sale of artemia cysts for a long time, with a lot of salt farm of breeding and advanced facilities. Its annual productive capacity are 80 tons of perfect artemia cysts. The advanced facilities are imported from USA and the experts give directions. The artemia cysts contains high protein, and is indispensable breeding feed in aquaculture. The products come up to advanced world standards in incubation rate, nutrition elements, purity and many other criteria. The products are mainly packed in vacuum can. The quality of products is steady, without germs and reaches "Green Products" standards. "Keep the first quality, keep the honesty and credit" is the aim of our company. Dependinng on credit to gain customers, depending on quality to gain the market.

     Fuye aquaculture have the agent not only in Thailand,Vietnam,Taiwan ,Malaysia, Indonesia,Philippines and Korea, but also in Australia,Czech Republican,Denmark and Greece.Because we are the direct supplier for artemia and not trading company, we guarantee that we will provide the best quality and lowest price for you in China.  

Recent products

  • artemia cysts

    Artemia cysts

    Artemia is also called Brine Shrimp. Artemia is regarded widely as a kind of important bait and live feed. Artemia possess strong adaptability to bad environment and better propagate ability .Its grown-body hold high nourishment ,so Artemia is excellent bait of fishes ,shrimps and crabs.
  • Gammarus

    This is the best food you can find for your turtles, reptiles and bigger fish



    The decapsulated cysts are neutralized and are completely digestible buy the fish or shrimp larvae.
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